Friday, September 30, 2011

Using Old Tires for Planting

On Nancy's comment to my post on my Redneck Planter,she stated that she uses old tires for planting her herbs.I have known lots of folks who do use old tires, but I have never seen anyone who has cut away the side walls of their tires as I have done. Once you cut away the sidewall on both sides of the tire, it is much lighter to more around when you need to do so.This is not the greatest picture, but it best shows how I've cut away the tire walls to make way for easier access to my soil and plants.It keeps your best soil and additives confined,so as not to wash away with the rain or when watering. It keeps the water and fertilize where you need it.

It is costly to get rid of old tires nowadays. I haven't needed to get rid of any myself, but it seems at one time, it cost around $1. per inch of width.Unreal! I feel if more folks were aware of the way I,and many others are using these old tires, there would be more demand for keeping them.With the high cost of food anymore, raising your own food is getting more popular than ever.Many folks don't have access to a huge garden plot,but using an old tire or two,could offer a small space for planting a few vegetables.You would be surprised at how many tomatoes you can grow in one tire. With the tire being open, the roots can grow into the soil like any normal garden plot, and do much better than growing in a traditional planter.

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