Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wooden Alphabet Letters

My Grand daughter,Leah,is ten,as I write this, and is beginning to take interest in personalizing her bedroom a bit.It is an upstairs room in an old house, and none of the family have ever been enthused over the two kids sleeping up there, especially since the parents have remodeled one of the ground level rooms for their own bedroom.The thought is always there,what if there was a fire. A few years ago,we purchased them a set of those special fire alarms that call out the child's name over and over,until they awaken,but to this day, I am not sure they were ever installed.Go figure.Nevertheless, the children have continued to sleep in the same big room on the ground floor,where the parent sleep.With their jobs as they are, and the kids both in school now,there is some one sleeping at all times, so the remodeled bedroom was a must.

With Leah growing into a young lady faster than we would like,she is taking interest in having her own space, more and more.I feel that is" a good thing."She picked out the fabric for new curtains for her room, and I had  them finished in a day or two.A few stumbling blocks kept me from putting them up before the next weekend, so I had time to make her a throw pillow to match the curtains, and if all goes well, and she likes the curtains, she wants a quilt to match.I love seeing her so excited about decorating her room. I hope this crafting thing rubs off on her, a little.anyway. I,myself, love doing these kinds of things.

When I finished the curtains, the tie backs, and the pillow, I was so excited over it all, I was on a roll. I ran across a wooden letter L,among my wood pieces, and decided this would make a great piece to hang on her wall.I rummaged through my craft room and came up with a few items to dress it up. Paint,glitter,butter fly and flower stick-ons. I could just see it in my mind.The above picture does not do it justice, but I am so pleased with the finished product.So much so, I have decided to make more letters in this way.You never know when you might run across a little girl who would like to have their own initial on their wall.

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