Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pincushions Revisited

Every now and then, I fall back into my pincushion obsession. It seems whenever I am at a time and place where I must be confined for any length of time, I pull out my trusted pin cushion supply box and I am content.I keep lots of pretty swatches of fabric,numerous colors of thread,straight pins,needles,and trimmings of all sorts in the supply box.Oh yes, the stuffing material. I don't like to waste anything, as you may have heard me say once or twice before, so the stuffing I use is woolen fabric. I have plenty of that, and who uses wool any more? Not me, that's for sure.I inherited a huge supply of it, so I cut it in narrow strips, and roll it up to fit the pin cushion I will be making.I collect bottle caps of all sizes. Usually from milk jugs,medicine bottles, drink bottles.Most any size cap will do.I use caps for other things,too, but first and foremost, for my pin cushion bases. 

I roll up the woolen fabric strip,really tight, then I place it in the cap. I cut a circle of my pretty fabric,just large enough to cover the woolen fabric with enough edge left, to cram down into the cap with my scissor point.Some times I use the hot glue gun to secure it into the cap, but that's not always necessary.

 I cut a similar circle of fabric,the same color or something that matches the original piece I just used .I proceed to hem that circle of fabric and pull it with the thread like a drawstring bag(yo-yo style)then I set the cap, down into the little draw string bag and begin to draw it up tight,pinning it in place until I can tack it shut with coordinating thread.I use to glue a magnet onto the bottom of the cap,before this step, but not always, since many sewing machines are computer driven, and magnets and computers don't mix.Now I am applying Velcro to the bottom of the finished pincushion.Not always,but occasionally.

After the two fabrics have been secured to suit me, I rummage through my stash of pretty ribbons and lace,etc.,and find something suitable to cutesy it up a bit. I love making these cute but simple little pincushions out of materials that others most likely would throw away.
Now how's that for an hours work, or shall I say pleasure.
The pincushions that I am making lately, are so small at times, they need to be secured to something,so as not to get lost. Usually the sewing machine is a great place to stick one,although I have one stuck in every room.You never know when you'll need a quick needle and thread.

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  1. Hey!! I need these to glue on top of my golf tees!!

    Soooo cute!!