Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Apple Hot Pad

This is just one example of the way I recycle fabric.Several years ago, my niece dressed up for Halloween using a dark grey sheet as a floor length hooded cape in part of her costume. When she was finished with the costume, I inherited the grey fabric to use as I saw fit.The fabric was a little older than I cared to use in a quilt, so I decided to use it up as a crocheted rug. Not caring for the color, I talked myself out of that idea,but when I had crocheted several rounds with the fabric,I thought about using that as a base for a hot pad.I added 2 worn out wash cloths,one on either side, for additional thickness.I rummaged through my small fabric remnants, and found an appealing piece and began to cover the crocheted base,along with it's 2 wash cloth.When I finished stitching the cover on the base(I had a little help from my Granddaughter)it looked more like the shape of an apple than a circle,as I had expected it to be.But,what the heck!I'll just make it into an Apple Hot Pad.The fabric had apples on it anyway.So that's what I did. I appliqued a stem from brown fabric, and 2 leaves from green fabric. Hence my Apple Hot Pad!
What have you recycled today?

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Home made Black boards

This little project seems to be a simple one, but then if you don't have the proper tools, it might not be so simple. I do have many tools, since wood crafts are some of my favorites.I collect all sorts of wood scraps, and all my friends and neighbors who know that, keep their scraps for me. My son in law brought me a bag of wood scraps here lately, that were left over from building his daughter a little shelter for her nativity scene that sits in their yard through the holidays.He knows I like to use bits of wood in my crafts. Nevertheless, I used luan which is a very lightweight wood,left over from the construction of our floor, in our new house, 3 years ago. I have to keep most of my nicest pieces hid from Pop. We have a wood burning stove,you know,to supplement our heat in the winter months.
I cut the wood into small pieces,whatever size I choose.Then sand them really good all over on both sides.I dust them good, and paint a coat of paint of my choice on one side, and paint the other side with regular blackboard paint. I had never used that type of paint before, so I was shocked to see a quart was nearly $10,but I will,no doubt, get many black boards from that one quart,thus bringing down the cost of making each board.I put two coats of paint on each side.The back side of the blackboard could be used to display anything of your choosing,for when the blackboard is not in use. I like for things I make to be as useful as possible.We all have so many pretty collectibles that serve no purpose.The back of the board could hold a calendar,for example.You can pick up those small calendars anywhere, and attach one to the other side. You may find other ways of displaying something on the other side that is special to you.Perhaps a collage of your grandchildren on a calendar.That is just one example.The possibilities are endless.