Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Apple Hot Pad

This is just one example of the way I recycle fabric.Several years ago, my niece dressed up for Halloween using a dark grey sheet as a floor length hooded cape in part of her costume. When she was finished with the costume, I inherited the grey fabric to use as I saw fit.The fabric was a little older than I cared to use in a quilt, so I decided to use it up as a crocheted rug. Not caring for the color, I talked myself out of that idea,but when I had crocheted several rounds with the fabric,I thought about using that as a base for a hot pad.I added 2 worn out wash cloths,one on either side, for additional thickness.I rummaged through my small fabric remnants, and found an appealing piece and began to cover the crocheted base,along with it's 2 wash cloth.When I finished stitching the cover on the base(I had a little help from my Granddaughter)it looked more like the shape of an apple than a circle,as I had expected it to be.But,what the heck!I'll just make it into an Apple Hot Pad.The fabric had apples on it anyway.So that's what I did. I appliqued a stem from brown fabric, and 2 leaves from green fabric. Hence my Apple Hot Pad!
What have you recycled today?


  1. Hey Sue, It looks great.
    I have a post planned about sewing too.
    Have a great day!!!

  2. I havent made anything since xmas, my sewing room looks like a bomb site, but ive been naughty....ive just bought some fabric on line, 3 pieces infact. 8metres of calico, 2 metres of bright pink floral and 3m of plain green (i got a good price though $14 for the lot). Im going to make tote bags to sell at my "market stall" along with all that soap im making. I shall have a busy winter, meanwhile its too hot.

  3. What a great idea! It has been a while since I've done any sewing, but I am currently working on a crocheted afghan. I'm trying to use up the left over yarns that I have acquired over many years.