Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dual Purpose Wall Hanging

I love to work with fabric, but my patience or nerves or whatever it is,I haven't figured out exactly what, just yet, won't let me tackle a large quilt,although I have done just that on a few occasions.I think it's possibly my lack of will power or a short attention span,but that's OK. I've lived with it for 63 years, so as long as I can work with it,around it,and through it, I'm satisfied. I think I am dealing with it about as well as possible without seeking medical treatment or therapy of some kind.  It's not something that keeps me from functioning on a day to day basis.It only rears it's ugly head when it comes to dieting and finishing certain tasks.Like washing the last few dishes or pots and pans,after a big meal..Nevertheless, I started on a small quilt,of sorts.I think they are called snibbles on some of the blogs.The spelling may not be right,since I could not find it in the dictionary,but I think that's the word I've seen,used for these tiny quilted pieces.
The front has an Americana look,the back has a Fall image in the center. I have done some more work on the Americana side since these pictures were taken, and I hope to add more to the Fall side before I call it finished.I am working on a frame for the piece so I can display it on the wall or on an easel.I am playing it by ear as usual, so there's no telling what I'll end up with. 

    I 've hung it on the wall in the basement, just for now, to see how it might look later. Hopefully,I will be making the frame for it soon.(I'll post an up-to-date picture at that time.)


  1. We have named you for the Stylish Blogger award. Enjoy!!

  2. I think this is lovely, and being double sided....Brilliant....Hey If you don't like making larger ones...but like the thought of doing a quilt size....seeing you have such a gift at quilting...make all your panels the same size, then one day join them together....You will be amazed at how good it all looks....and you will also have that quilt you want....... love your blog, keep sharing with us what you are making.