Saturday, March 12, 2011

I Love Punching!

I have finally recieved a few of the punches I had ordered through the mail. I mentioned before, I don't go out and shop in the Big Stores a lot, so I am so happy when I learn to do some little thing like this. If I had to visit Michael's often, I would go broke. I ordered a few tiny punches off of E-bay,just so I wouldn't have to be tempted to buy,buy,buy, while in the store. I love working with my little punches. The possibilities are endless as to what I can do with there cute little things. So far, I have a heart, a shamrock, a maple leaf, a star, and I have made a few rubber stamps myself with a kit I bought at Micheal's,so I am off and running with my card making and blog posts. I can't express enough how much fun I am having with just these few small pieces. I hope to be able to incorporate many more of my ideas into my blog posts using these few small tools.

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