Wednesday, March 30, 2011

From Rags to Riches,From Curtains to Rugs!

From curtain to rug
I have no idea as to how I came into possession of the material I am using to make this little rug, since I get fabric from everywhere. Most usually it has come from a family member, but then I collect things from consignment stores and yard sales and the like. I doubt I would have bought it new, since I hardly ever buy anything new. If I do, it is rare and for something extra special.My family all know that I love fabric, so whenever they have anything they want to part with, they think of me.Then I go through their goody bags and save out the things I want to wear or use in my crafts, then the rest goes to Mom's where the other family members do the same. Whatever is not needed, goes to the church store for folks who have gone through sometime type of crisis and need clothing or linens, etc.
The fabric I am using for my little rug in the picture above, was once a set of home made curtains. I ripped out all the seams, and tore the fabric up into narrow strips.Then I proceeded to crochet my rug. This particular fabric is in several muted shades of pastels and I think it is turning out nicely.Not exactly sure just yet, where I will use it, but it is a bit larger than my usual rugs. I have made  many of these little rugs and have given them away as gifts,but I did fall in love with two in particular and kept them for my own use. I think the colors I used was what prompted me to hold on to those two.They are so nice to have at the entrance doors, and in front of the sink or stove.When they are soiled, just toss them in the laundry with the towels and wash cloths, then lay them flat to dry. They are such a simple little easy to make and care for rug,(if you can crochet any at all,no great knowledge of crocheting necessary).  

Saturday, March 12, 2011

I Love Punching!

I have finally recieved a few of the punches I had ordered through the mail. I mentioned before, I don't go out and shop in the Big Stores a lot, so I am so happy when I learn to do some little thing like this. If I had to visit Michael's often, I would go broke. I ordered a few tiny punches off of E-bay,just so I wouldn't have to be tempted to buy,buy,buy, while in the store. I love working with my little punches. The possibilities are endless as to what I can do with there cute little things. So far, I have a heart, a shamrock, a maple leaf, a star, and I have made a few rubber stamps myself with a kit I bought at Micheal's,so I am off and running with my card making and blog posts. I can't express enough how much fun I am having with just these few small pieces. I hope to be able to incorporate many more of my ideas into my blog posts using these few small tools.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dual Purpose Wall Hanging

I love to work with fabric, but my patience or nerves or whatever it is,I haven't figured out exactly what, just yet, won't let me tackle a large quilt,although I have done just that on a few occasions.I think it's possibly my lack of will power or a short attention span,but that's OK. I've lived with it for 63 years, so as long as I can work with it,around it,and through it, I'm satisfied. I think I am dealing with it about as well as possible without seeking medical treatment or therapy of some kind.  It's not something that keeps me from functioning on a day to day basis.It only rears it's ugly head when it comes to dieting and finishing certain tasks.Like washing the last few dishes or pots and pans,after a big meal..Nevertheless, I started on a small quilt,of sorts.I think they are called snibbles on some of the blogs.The spelling may not be right,since I could not find it in the dictionary,but I think that's the word I've seen,used for these tiny quilted pieces.
The front has an Americana look,the back has a Fall image in the center. I have done some more work on the Americana side since these pictures were taken, and I hope to add more to the Fall side before I call it finished.I am working on a frame for the piece so I can display it on the wall or on an easel.I am playing it by ear as usual, so there's no telling what I'll end up with. 

    I 've hung it on the wall in the basement, just for now, to see how it might look later. Hopefully,I will be making the frame for it soon.(I'll post an up-to-date picture at that time.)