Sunday, September 25, 2011

Real Pumpkins Are Scarce

We attended the Clarkson Honeyfest Saturday, and I overheard some folks talking about how there was a shortage of pumpkins in our area,so the price of pumpkins was through the roof. Since I hardly ever buy a real pumpkin anyway, that didn't bother me one bit. I figure if I need a pumpkin to decorate with, I can usually whip one up in a snap.There are all sorts of usable mediums lying around our house or out buildings. I can usually take my pick. Today I was cleaning one of the garages AGAIN (the baby chicks and their Mother have been sleeping in there for a few weeks)and I ran across a piece of a 6X6 cedar post that Pop uses for chocking a wheel while he works on various things. He has so many, I doubted he would miss one,especially  if I snitched only a half a piece, so I took his saws-all, and whacked myself off a small block. I continued to whittle the corners of the block with the saws-all. That is such a handy tool when working with big pieces of wood,especially since I am afraid of using a chain saw. I whittled away until I felt it halfway resembled a pumpkin.Close enough anyway.When I got it to the house, I rummaged through my craft room to find some embellishments for it. I have everything, anyone could possibly need for creating any given project. I found a couple of brand new rolls of that bright orange raffia type twisted paper,so I unrolled enough to cover the entire block and adhered it with my hot glue gun.I keep a few of my wooden block pumpkin stems made up at all times,since I do make a lot of pumpkins this time of year.I don't know why,but I do.I think it's because they are so easy to make, and you can make them out of so many different things.Quaint and primitive is in, so it doesn't really matter how they look,as long as others can recognize them as pumpkins.I found a few other embellishments and hot glued them onto my pumpkin,and now I have a nice centerpiece for the Fall Season.I discovered another neat project while at the fest Saturday, that I wanted to try,so I worked on a that for a few minutes today. I'm hoping to get one assembled in time to show and tell during the Fall Season.

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  1. Just love this wish I had the wood scraps to make this...would line them up on the counter above the sink!! Just adorable!!

    I had to "buy" a sheet of plywood to make the bear for Bev and was only able to cut out one before the rains place to store it and keep it dry...and not enough days between rains to dry it out enough to cut others out...

    oh well, we do need the rain and maybe the rain will "weather" the board enough so that I can use it for other projects!

    xoxo...until later...V