Saturday, September 17, 2011

My First Appliqued Leaf

This is my first leaf on my reversible mini quilt.I do love working on it, but I'm not real sure of what I am doing. I still need to get some advice from someone who has appliqued a little more than myself.

First. I'd like to know if it is better to use iron-on Pellon on the leaf before stitching it onto my background. It seems to me, the raw edges would fray when laundered. The Pellon might fuse it together, to where that would not happen.

Second. Is it necessary to turn the raw edges under before stitching it to the background. That would have been hard to do on these leaves, with all the little crooks and turns of the edges.

I suppose I will figure these things out as I go, but I just hate the thought of putting all the time into the project, and having it end up all frayed around the edges.

Even though I have worries,I am still pleased with the results of my first leaf for now.

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  1. I just recently began working on applique myself...don't remember ever doing much applique but I do remember embroidery...covered my bell bottom jeans with embroidery stitches of all kinds in the 70s...

    Bev wants to learn this also so I have been practicing my stitches to show her the next time we get together for "craft camp"