Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mug Rugs

I love working with fabric,and I have accumulated lots of fabric over the years through various sources. I pick up single pieces here and there at yard sales. I cut up pieces of clothing that are no longer needed or wanted for other purposes.I don't cut up things that I feel are still usable. I pass them on to the family or the local Church Closets. Folks who know me well, save remnants of pretty fabric for me. One of my sisters, just this week, brought me a bags of things she no longer needed or could not use.They all just know. "Susy can use this."And I usually do find a way to utilize whatever it might be.

Most winters, I find a project that fascinates me,and I work with that one project over and over, all winter,for the most part. Lately, I have stumbled across a blog that spoke of Mug Rugs. I have always made pot holders or hot pads, and even coasters with bits of pretty fabric. But for some reason, these Mug Rugs have fascinated me. I get to use up small pieces of fabric. I get to mix and match my colors and fabrics. I get to crochet,embroider, or applique on each piece. I get to use several of the things I enjoy doing, yet the project is so small, I can see results quickly. Plus, it is small enough to carry with me, when I am bored while sitting and waiting for a doctor's appointment or the like. I got to where I carry some little project with me at all times. Especially if I am out with Pop. He wants to stay and talk and talk and talk, so if I get to bored, I can sew. We went to the local restaurant this past Friday evening, where they had a band set up on the porch for the community to enjoy, and I spent the entire time,sewing,only stopping long enough to applaud after each performance.I was visiting with friends while I sewed,too.So I enjoyed the entire evening much better. I don't smoke,and I don't drink that much coffee, so I sew.
The interior of the little rugs is merely small squares I have cut from an old blanket or a worn out towel. A blanket will make batting for lots of mug rugs.Regardless of what size I cut the batting square, I cut the two pieces of outer fabric, just a tad bigger so as to have enough edge to turn under on all four sides.

 Once I have turned the four edges under about 1/4 inch, I steam press it into place so that I can match up the three pieces perfectly.Then I pin or tack it shut all the way around.

Then I go around the edge using my regular crochet thread that matches  piece of fabric I am using.I use some what of a button hole or a blanket stitch, so as to go around again with my crocheting. I try to keep my blanket stitch as even as possible since it will be part of the trim.
Once I have blanket stitched all the way around the little rug, I continue on with my same thread,if I still have a little length left,and make an X through the middle to tack the three layers together securely. You could make any quilting design you like. I just prefer the X because it is so quick and easy.

Then I connect my thread,if I have any left, to the same spool of crochet thread,and proceed to crochet a simple edge all around the border. I crochet by sight, so I don't know the name of the stitches I use, but I think I am using the double crochet stitch.

 I crochet 5 stitches then slip stitch it to the base thread,repeat until you complete the entire rug,

then tie your thread off and weave the end between the layers to hide it, and clip it off.Thus, you have a finished Mug Rug. Now I'm off to make another, so I'll have a matched pair.I may need to make a few sets in order to send some to my special blogging friends. I have been making matching Snack Rugs,too. They are a little bigger. That is another idea I got from one of the blogs I follow.

So until my next post,Happy Sewing to All!


  1. Just love your tutorial on making the Mug Rugs! Very well written.

    Very cute and just perfect for the cups of coffee, tea, or cocoa coming up on these fall and winter days.

    I've always done the same thing...I love going somewhere where I have to wait just because I can get so many little things done. When I am at home I have to keep getting up and down to do this or that and it takes me forever to finish the smallest project.

    Love you...looking forward to getting together with you when I get up there...until later...V

  2. I love it sue!
    I do something similar with strip quilting.
    I like the idea of the blanket stich and croched border. I don't crochet but I do know how to blanket stitch. Good idea on the filling too.
    Great tutorial all around.