Saturday, February 18, 2012

Another Landfill Save

This project started out as an attempt at a Primitive project, but quickly turned into more of an Americana project.The shelves where I keep my partially used cans of paint, were not lighted good,plus the caps were missing on many, so you know the rest of the story.The color of paint I thought I was using turned out to be blue instead of black.No need to get bent out of shape over the color. I just proceeded to make an Americana pencil holder of sorts.A great project I can use to keep little ones involved on Monday.They will be out of school, so they will be coming for a visit.I'm hoping it will hold their interest for a few minutes anyway.

The only supplies needed was (1) a can.
 I recycle all cans,so there are several clean ones in the holding bin.
(2) A piece of pretty paper of their choosing,I have loads of pretty paper.
(3)a strip of fabric of their choosing of which I have loads.
(4)glue and I have several bottles of glue.
(5)Lettering of their choosing

Not such a hard project.It's just a matter of keeping them at it, until it's finished. That's the hard part.
Leah is 11 and John is 7, and neither of them likes to work at any one project for very long.Hopefully, I can hold their attention until the cans are completed.Maybe if I offer to post their can pictures, they will do a better job.

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