Sunday, February 19, 2012


I love making tags. I have cut out lots of free hand tags and I have ordered a tag punch off E-bay.Although I enjoy making tags from both methods, I think I prefer the more personal touch with the home made, hand cut tags. 

The tags cut with the punch are nice and uniform, and I do like them, but part of the joy for me is in the mixing and matching of the pretty paper and fabrics on my home made tags. I am not neat and orderly and organized in my crafting, like many of the bloggers I read. My crafting is more of a hap hazard, hit and miss nature.I'll try anything once,maybe twice. If I enjoy a particular craft, I will use it again. If not, I'm done with it, for the most part.

The bottom picture is some of the tags I made today for my hand made items. I have no plan as to what I will do with all of the crafts I have made and accumulated, but they will have pretty tags,no matter where they end up..
I enjoy making the pretty tags as much, if not more, than making the item it is used on.Go figure!

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