Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Using up Little Bits and Pieces

This is another favorite project of mine. Using up little bit and pieces of Christmas trimmings. You know, the fragments of garlands, and leaves that have fallen off of the holly or mistletoe,or bits of greenery from the tree or from the garland you usually hang on the banister railing. Tiny bulbs and bells and ribbons, that are too numerous and meticulous to hang on the tree.I usually pitch mine in a special box or container, until I get in the mood to do something with them. That's usually right in the middle of Christmas preparations, when I really don't have the time for "playing".That's what I call all the fun things I love to do. Things I should do after I have finished all the things I must do.Only Heaven knows,who ever thought up that rule.Must have been a man.I like to play when I feel like it, and work when I feel like it. Playing for a spell, rejuvenates me, thus helping me to do more work later.

The many ways you can use these tiny fragments are endless. I use them by hot gluing them on tops of jars of jellies and jams when I give them as gifts. If you make those mixes in a jar for gifts,glue an arrangement to the jar top.Or,I simply glue several little pieces of Christmas glitz together,on a piece of wood or a piece of cardboard that has been covered with a pretty paper or fabric, for a nice piece to set around the house during the Holidays.It makes the house feel so Christmasy.(I wonder if that's a word)

I have other ways of using up bits and pieces that I will be posting along the way.


  1. That's a good idea Sue, I do give my canned foods as Christmas gifts. I never thought of it!