Friday, December 17, 2010

Working with wood scraps

If you have read any of my blogs, you have probably figured out, I have no rhyme nor reason,no plan or schedule, for making any of the things I make. It just depends on the mood I'm in,as to what craft I may undertake at that moment.
The holidays bring out a lot of my desires for making some things.Then I proceed with whatever notion I have at the moment. If I like that idea, and it turns out nicely, then I may proceed to make several of that particular item,in various ways.I love making wall hanging,mainly from wood pieces.I love verses, and quotations.Usually those that would "strike a chord" with anyone.I use a lot of scrap lumber,metal,what ever is available,that I can save and recycle in the making of my crafts.

I found a pile of scrap lumber, here lately,piled on a small lot near the road I travel, when picking up the grandchildren. I knew the folks who owned the land, and I knew that pile would be burned shortly,as they have done in the past. I stopped to ask if I could scavenge through the pile,but no one was home.Since I did know the family, I went ahead and loaded several pieces of the lumber into my truck, and called them later.

They were elated to hear that I could use any of it. They said I could stop anytime I saw a pile there and take whatever I wanted before it was burned. I was so glad I stopped. I will be watching that spot on a regular basis from now on.

I have posted some pictures of a few of my wall hangings I've made lately.
I have not sprayed them with a coat of varnish to seal them good yet, but I will do that as time allows.
I really enjoyed making the little blackboards.I have not put the strings on them yet,by which they will be hung, but that will be my next project.Drilling the holes and attaching the string and chalk to each one.

The little square pieces is supposed to be just a pad to hold a hot bowl,so as not to damage the table or tablecloth. I cut and glued them and held them together tightly with my new vice type thingies I bought at the auction for $4. each. I knew they would come in handy in my crafts somehow.I sanded them on my belt sander. I have not been brave enough to try my new planer yet,then I brushed them with a coat of stain/sealer. I will put a coat of polyurethane on them next.


  1. they look good sue, great to use scraps too. theres a guy near my town here that makes boards filleted together like this, he sells them at a local bakery, he cuts his into different shapes after gluing them together. i have a small one, a rope handle has been set into one end.

  2. Thanks, Brendie. I may try new things after I get the hang of it all. I do love working with wood. I tell folks that all nine of us kids have dirt and wood in our blood. Dad loved working with both.