Monday, December 20, 2010

A Penny Saved

We were at the weekly auction a few weeks ago, and they were selling a lot of farm related pieces. Among them were several feed and corn type scoops.The prices they were bringing was ridiculously cheap, but I couldn't help but think about our little home made scoops we use at home.We take a one gallon plastic jug,usually a vinegar jug or bleach jug, and cut it to serve as a scoop. We have made and used these for many years. I just wondered why other folks don't have the insight to do the same. Especially with money so scarce, and prices so high.It only came to less than $20. for 3 or 4 scoops,but that would buy a few items, needed worse,especially right here around Christmastime. I suppose a lot of this way of thinking never comes at all to some folks, or if it does, it will do so as they grow older and wiser. These were young folks doing the buying,and being frugal just doesn't seem to enter young minds unless they have been exposed to that life style all along the way.I can only hope that my grandchildren are taking note of some of my frugal ways.One doesn't have to be eccentric to be frugal.


  1. brilliantly simple! and yes i think some peoples brains just dont think of things like that

  2. I used to lead canoe trips and we used old bleach bottles cut like this for our bailers. Worked great!

  3. Yes, Pop and his cousins go fishing a lot and use the gallon jugs to set out lines for fish.They stay afloat so they can go back and check them often to see if they have caught anything.
    There are so many things that folks COULD use, if they would justSTOP, LOOK AROUND and THINK, before going out to buy NEW things that do the same job.(Thanks for dropping by.)