Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tweeking in Progress!

I picked a bad time to start a new blog, but I'll not be discouraged or whipped.With all the goings on around this place, on a regular day,it's hard to keep one's sanity.Now with Halloween and Thanksgiving over, and Christmas, right around the corner,and let's not forget the birthdays and anniversaries. Oh, how I wish I had a secretary. Oops!I made that mistake once before. Be careful what you wish for, or at least make it very clear, just exactly what you mean.I didn't mean one of those little black pocket type things that you must spend hours programing and setting up. That's what I got that year for Christmas, and it's sitting in a drawer somewhere. That was one gift, I wish I had not asked for,but it is a gift, and you should be thankful for gifts and deal with it.I just don't have time to give it all the attention it needs, to do it's job properly. It has boocoodles of bells and whistles to remind you of various things(if you take time to set it up.)Maybe I should have wished for Time(Most likely,I would have gotten a nice watch).
Well, since time is what I need,and that is definitely one thing no one can give you, I guess the next best thing is to tweek my schedule.(And post it everywhere possible,for all to see,)
On days when I am here alone, I can get so much done(if my biorhythm is on the upswing in the physical aspect of it).But it's the luck of the draw as to whether that will happen. I have days when my energy level is over the top, then days where it's crashed to the bottom with no hope of coercing it to any other level.

I got a little feed back from my sister over at Nails in My Pocket and she suggested I do a little tweeking to my directions. Specifically,on my post about using woolen fabric for the rolled fabric base in my pincushions.She's right, and I will get back to that, but let me tweek my time schedule a bit, and I promise,I will do better.

(Oh,Vicki,how I wish you could come for a few days or weeks, or maybe months.I sure could use your help.)

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  1. Just take your time and enjoy it and it will all come togather. Looking good!