Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Lap Table

As I sit with Pop some evenings, and watch a good western movie, I like to work on some type of craft. Tonight I had a little trouble deciding which craft it would be, I have so many in progress.I kept thinking,If only I had a lap table.Wah-lah!That's my project for tonight.
I had my hands on a board just this week, and I refused to cut it. I needed some small pieces to finish up my cup cupboard,but I felt I could better utilize that nice square piece of wood, better in another way.So I set it aside.
While sorting through some of my fabric stash, I found several large pieces of a corduroy type of fabric, and wondered what in the world I would ever do with that.It was just the thing I needed for my project.
First, I cut a bed pad up to where it fit the board perfectly, top and bottom.It is not necessary to leave any overhanging fabric on the underneath fabric. I glued it securely on both sides of the board.Then I proceeded to make a pillow case type covering for the board from the corduroy fabric. Once I had the pillow case of sorts fitted snugly onto the board, I sewed the opening up completely.I rummaged through my goodies drawers,which is about 6 drawers or so of ribbons,lace,buttons,etc., with the intention of finding an appropriate trim, and hot gluing it around the edges, or doing an embroidery stitch all around it. Instead, I opted to use fabric paint, and make the chicken scratch type stitches that way.I simply made X's all around the edges,since my embroidering is a bit rusty, and it suited me just fine.I used opposing color paint, which in this case was orange on the green fabric. It pleased me just fine, but the choice of colors, fabric and trim would be yours.

When you make your lap table,hot glue a small piece of flat metal(about the size of a quarter will do) on one corner,one on both sides would be better,then no matter which side you had facing up,you'd have a spot to stick you little pin cushion. (a strip of a metal tin can or lid will do)
Check it to be sure the magnet will stick to the metal before gluing it to the board.
They are making everything so much cheaper nowadays.

The whole time I was making the board, I was watching a Christmas program where the family members drew names, and made a handmade gift for the person they had drawn.Even before they spoke of drawing names, I was thinking,while working,Wouldn't it be wonderful to do something like that for Christmas. Like The Little House On the Prairie. No spend,spend,spending our hard earned money on things that would never be used.What I would give to turn back the clock and have that kind of Christmas back again.It would do the children,especially, a tremendous service if they could experience that type of Christmas for a change.

I feel my directions would be easy enough for a beginner to follow,which is my goal, but if I have not explained it clear enough, simply leave me a comment, and I will try my best to clarify and simplify them.Thanks for visiting and Happy crafting.

(After reading Brendie's comment, I edited a bit. She suggested putting a strip of Velcro on the lap board some where for her pin cushion.That is a great idea,but with my little pincushions with a magnet on the bottom,(you might have one like that) then you might consider putting the metal piece on your board.Which ever works for you.)


  1. that is a fine idea sue, i need one of those. with the addition of a strip of velcro in one corner so that i can also make a pin cushion with opposing velcro to stick to my board as im always putting the needle down and having trouble finding it again, usually to be found on the floor.

  2. Sue, a good ideal also they are taking lap tray and making mini ironing board and cutting board and can be use for craft and other thing. These is so many thing any one could do, just got to find the time. Have a great day connie