Monday, November 22, 2010

Pincushions from wool fabric

Although there may still be some folks left who are using woolen fabric, I find I have some that never seems to find a purpose. Well, now it has a purpose for me,at least. I fell heir to a huge amount of a brown checked woolen fabric from an older lady I once worked with.She once made some of her clothing from wool.One being she is older, and two being she was a librarian. I'll bet you can just picture her in your mind.She's a delightful little lady. She wears lots of jewelry, and the flashier, the better. She jingled and jangled when she walked. Make no mistake, you knew it was her,coming down the hall.

I finally came up with this idea one day while making pincushions.I had been using various materials to stuff them, and found that certain ones did not let the needles and pins slide in and out so readily.There's nothing worse than a pincushion that won't let you stick the pin in. I made a few like that before I started experimenting with various other materials. I have bought batting,for stuffing, on occasion, but if I can find another material,that I have on hand, that works as well for the stuffing, I will use it instead. I have even used fragments of materials and threads, left over from my quilting projects. Some materials worked fine,some didn't.Dryer sheets definitely did not work.Felt works really well, but I usually save it for other projects.

Never the less, I cut the fabric into long narrow strips.About 1 inch wide.Depending on the size needed for the specific pincushion, I roll it up like a jelly roll, then proceed with the pincushion.If I want a taller pincushion, I roll up cardboard which has been cut and rolled in the same way,hot glue it to the wool roll,flat side to flat side, then proceed to cover it in whatever manner I choose for that particular pincushion.Some I crochet over, some I use different colored pretty fabric.I match up and glue whatever I have on hand to the side for an added touch.The coverings for the pincushions are endless, especially for someone who loves mixing and matching fabric and trim as I do.I will be showing more of my pincushions as I go along.

I thought of one helpful hint, after I posted this piece. You can use hot glue to seal your cardboard roll and to fasten your two rolls together, but don't use it to secure the wool fabric roll. The needle or pin will surely hit that spot of glue, and will not penetrate the cushion.It's probably best to tack the wool roll together with thread. Then Proceed to cover it with your choice of coverings.I love to experiment with that part.

Thanks for checking out my new blog.Please continue stopping by,on occasion,for other show and tell projects.

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  1. Sue I missed the post where you told about your new blog. Found it today.