Friday, April 27, 2012

A New Love

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Faux Cherries
Who knew working with wax could be so exciting?  I recently found a candle warmer at a real deal. I had never used one before,but I am so glad I tried it.I use it to make the house smell of cookies baking,one of my favorite candles, but now that I have learned to use it for making all of the above pretties, I am addicted. I want to see just how many things I can make. I have had excellent results making the fake goodies.My next project,hopefully,will be grapes. I love grapes.I can't wait to try my hand at making them.

My sister,Mary,found a faux cherry pie which she adores, and the embellishments on it was not what she wanted, so I gave her 3-4 of my faux cherries to adorn the top of the pie.. I think she likes them a little better.

I was having trouble finding the colors I wanted for my wax, so I went to Etsy and ordered a few things.I can hardly wait to get them and try some new projects.

The cherries above are made from wooden beads dipped in red Apple Pie fragrance wax. I had no cherry fragrance wax.The stems are baggie ties. The leaves are made from felt.

Most of the goodies in the second picture are made of wooden blocks. The bon bons are made from sour gum balls. The chocolate wafers are from cardboard.The cupcake is made from a piece of foam rubber from an old cushion with spackle icing and regular cake sprinkles.The gingerbread cookie is a dog biscuit. All have been dipped in colored wax until I got the look I wanted. I am having so much fun with this project.Now if only I can find some use for the things I have made and plan to make.

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