Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Could this be my calling?

Faux Goodies
My husband's sister passed away this past October, and the funds for her burial were next to non-existing, so the church and community pulled together in putting on an auction to raise money to cover part of the funeral expenses.Several friends and family donated their services and put together quite a nice auction. Many of us donated items from our own homes to be sold, while others gathered donations from local businesses, and others,contributed baked goods to be auctioned off.I contributed many of my own dishes, crafts and numerous household items.Among the crafts I contributed was a plate of my Faux Goodies.I had attached a bright pink tag, stating that the items were "Not Edible".Some folks claimed they saw the tag, others said they did not, but I know for a fact, I did attach a tag.Nevertheless, I guess you know where I am going with this. Someone bit into one of the goodies. I didn't see it personally. I was too busy working the food line, but Pop swears he saw it all. He said the lady spit and spewed for several minutes,complaining that the piece she had tried, was nothing more than cardboard and wax. She must have bitten into one of the chocolate covered graham cracker type, look alike cookies.The texture of the cardboard, when covered with wax appeared exactly like the real thing.I was so proud of the way they turned out. I only regret that the lady who had the horrible experience of biting into one of the cookies failed to see the tag.From what I could see,I think this very lady was the one who purchased the majority of my gift bags. Even though she didn't appreciate the cardboard and wax cookie, she surely did appreciate my talents in crafting.
a very  few of my gift bag contributions

more of my gift bag contributions
I usually have a hard time letting go of my crafts, but with this charitable function, it was much easier to let them go. I hope to donate to other charities in the future.I think I enjoy the giving, as much as I do the making of each arrangement.

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  1. Hey girl, I'm glad you're back.....
    That's a pretty funny story, glad she was a good sport about it!
    There's a saying...
    GYHOOYA, get your head out of your, well, you know! Maybe she forgot?